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May Yong


Can i buy lenses for my old glasses frame?

I have a pair of old glasses but the lenses are broken.Can I buy the lenses for the frame?
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  • Dan Samberg


    I would not recommend you to replace your lenses because that will cost you too much money and you may not enjoy the results after the lenses have been replaced. I think you'd better buy a new pair of glasses.


    You can take them to the local optical stores and choose the right size (exactly fit for your old glasses frames)of lenses of your prescription, but I think some of them are unwilling to do so because they will take a risk of breaking the lenses when putting in and out of your glasses frames, and it is hard to find the exact size of frames. under this condition, you'd better change for another pair of glasses.


    Yes you can.You just need to take your old frame with your prescription to the optical store and ask them to put the new lenses in your frame.

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