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Mark Burns


Are superstore glasses good?

I have seen many glasses are selling in the superstore and they are quite cheap.But I wonder the quality of them.Are the really good?Has anyone bought one there ?
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  • Dazza


    Some superstores also have glasses with good value and great prices. I bought a pair of sunglasses from a superstore several months ago and now it still works well. I feel comfortable when I wear them. So it worth getting glasses from superstore.
  • Savannah percy


    My last pair was bought from Walmart, and it is with high quality and the prescription is exactly correct. You should choose the most reliable brands, check and compare the quality and evaluation of the products.
  • Nancy


    You can buy a pair and test the quality as they are quite cheap.But for me,I will not choose to buy glasses from the superstore.I would only choose the optical store.

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