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can i buy eye glasses without perscription?

I have perfect vision and don't need vision correction,so can i buy eye glasses without a prescription?
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  • constans


    If you have perfect vision and only need the style of the glasses, you can get a pair of glasses with non-prescription. You can get them at any optical store. You can choose the non-prescription glasses online which is much cheaper than the real stores. But you should know your frame size and PD if you want to get them online.
  • Cameron giles


    Yes, you can buy glasses without prescription which are called non-prescription/ clear glasses. Just choose any styles that you like and suitable for you, and tell the processor to put non-prescription lenses into that frame.
  • walerie


    Surely you can.You can search clear glasses or plato glasses(non prescription glasses) on google and there are many online stores selling them.