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Can i get free sunglasses from clearly contacts?

I've heard that clearly contacts is giving away free glasses, do they also offer free sunglasses? I'm planning get one for myself cuz summer comes. THx.
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  • Angelica


    Yeah. I have heard that Clearlycontacts is giving away free glasses,too. But I don't know whether they offer free sunglasses. Only their workers can know whether they can offer free sunglasses. You can email them to ask whether they can provide free sunglasses or not.
  • walkmen123


    They offer free glasses but they don't offer free sunglasses, and as I know the prices of their sunglasses cost you hundreds of dollars including the lenses and the shipping. I've heard Firmoo is now offering free sunglasses, you can get any of their sunglasses for really free. Visit at
  • Alexander green


    Why do you stick to get free sunglasses from their store?They may do a better job in contacts,but not in sunglasses.You can search free sunglasses on Google and you will find many stores are giving away free sunglasses.

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