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Do you think nerd glasses are cool on men?

i am trying to work out what is so cool about those big nerdy glasses. i think they are quite stupid looking on myself
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  • Dixie Mentry


    Normally we tend to define nerds by their socks with sandals and broken glasses crudely re-mended with tape. But Steve Urkel-style glasses have recently been gaining popularity among all ages especially young adults and teens. The glasses are usually not even prescribed and some even come without frames. Why the sudden urge to wear glasses? The look has become categorized as "hipster" and once again, fashion has done its magic, turning something that was so out into the thing that's so in. For guys, the glasses can be paired with hip-hop type clothing (much like the New Boyz and Chris Brown) or even a full on suit. As for girls, almost anything goes whether it be a themed party or just a preppy/vintage look for class. I've seen the look worn on an everyday basis, at parties, dance competitions, and during class. They're practically everywhere now. Rappers like Chris Brown and Jay-Z have been found sporting the look. And yes, even our steamy Ryan Gosling has embraced the look. Sources:
  • Kristin


    Absolutely yes. nerd glasses are no longer stupid. Do you know nerd glasses are so that hot among men and women? For men, nerdy eyeglasses are the very fashion item to flatter men's face. For example, our music star Justin Timberlake has shows his amazing look while wearing prescription nerd glasses. It is true that nerd glasses especially black nerd glasses have become a must-have for men who have sensitive fashion taste. Maybe you can have a try. They will surprise you.