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How often do you need to get a contact eye exam?

I got contacts and a exam almost a year ago. My contacts supply is running out and I have to decide if I should get a eye exam or just order them online. Is it necessity to get a contact eye exam every year or every 2 years.
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  • 04/13/2012

    it all depends on your age and type of eye problem. IF you are still young , it is better to get an eye exam every year since your eyesight is changing to make sure you get the right prescription. But if you are over 30s or older, you can have a check every 2 years. but being safe is better than none.
  • Luke shelley


    Usually adults who have vision problems should have their eyesight checked every year. So I think you can have a contact eye exam every year. But if you suffer from blurred vision or some other kinds of vision problems suddenly, I suggest you to have your eyes checked immediately, because some vision problems can be a starting sign of some eye diseases or decrease of eyesight. You'd better know it timely and apply for some treatment to prevent it from getting worse.
  • Savannah


    I think you should have a contact eye exam at this moment. If your eyesight decreases within the past year, you may need to have a new prescription. And then you can buy contacts according to the new prescription. Contacts of new prescription will help you see better and avoid eye strain. Good luck!
  • cute_lil_ambie


    We should have an eye exam in every year. As to you, you had the exam a year ago and your contacts supply is running out, so I suggest you to have a contact exam right now. But if you have protected your eyes and maintain the health of your eyes during the past year, your eyesight may remain the same. So you can order contacts online with your old prescription or get a contact eye exam every 2 years. But I don't know whether your eyesight is still the same as it was before. It is hard to tell. Hope this helped!
  • Rebecca


    It is said that every two year, you need to get your eyes checked and get your new prescription for your contact lenses.
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