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Is baking soda good for pink eye?

Does anyone know if baking soda can help with pink eye?
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  • Shelby harris


    Well, baking soda can help with pink eyes. Pink eye has a medically name that is conjunctivitis. What is conjunctivitis? It is is an infection of the membrane around your eyelid or eyeball. Commonly to be caused by blepharitis, dry eyes, virtus and bacteria. As we all known, pink eye is not serious, even it can be fine by it own without any option. Baking soda is good to get rid of bacteria and virtus. You just need to heat baking soda with water, and then watery a clean cloth in this mixture. After while, cloth your eyes and apply this warm cloth on eyes for five minutes. Also, you can drop some basic drops into eyes to reduce redness and pain. Cucumber slices can help with releasing pressure in eyes to make you comfortable. By the way, there is no any detail treatment for pink eyes in that it can be healed by itself. Pink eye could spread person to person. At this time, you'd better stay at and wait for fit.
  • Jacob adams


    All right. I can see from what you said that you have some eye infection, which is quite annoying because it makes it difficult to cure. Anyway, baking soda cannot replace medicine and antibiotics, which is mainly used to treat pink eyes, though baking soda could help with our health in some ways. After all, pink eyes is a kind of infection, so you need to take care of it with seriousness. Try not to rub your eyes, and get some vitamin pills on a regular basis.