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Nicholas campbell


Will round glasses look good on a round face?

I find these round frame glasses are quite special and attractive, but will it look good on a round face? I have a really round face shape.
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  • Allison


    round glasses are regarded as classic glasses. Vintage round glasses are vogue and chic nowadays and many people follow the trend to wear round frame glasses. But before you go to choose round eyeglasses, make sure whether you are suitable for round framed glasses. Some people look attractive with vintage round frame glasses, while some people look ugly with classic glasses on. In my opinion, round glasses won't go well with people with round faces. Those people who have angular faces can wear round glasses. As you you have a round face, I suggest you get rectangle or square frame glasses which can suit you fine.
  • Kristy Prince


    Most people believe that people shall choose eyeglasses frames that contrast their face shape. According to this rule, you may not suitable for wearing round glasses. But that is not exactly true. In fact, there are some people look well with eyeglasses that have similar shape of their face. If you have very round face shape, you can try some oval round glasses with a square or rectangular lines frames. If it doesn't fit you, you may have to give up round glasses and look for some rectangular eyeglasses frames.