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Why do so many smart people wear glasses?

Today, there are many people who wear eyeglasses. Why? Do they really need eyeglasses?
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  • giles


    It sounds like a philosophic question. I will answer it philosophically. People who need eyeglasses do wear eyeglasses, and people who wear eyeglasses do not have to need eyeglasses. In fact, the answer is still not accurate. Many people who need eyeglasses badly wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Generally speaking, nowadays, eyeglasses have three major functions. First one, the most basic one is for better eyesight. Second one, there are optical glasses. These glasses are non prescription. It is mainly used to keep eye from radiation from modern devices such as computer or TV set. It is anti-tired glasses. The third use of glasses is totally decorations. People wear these glasses to build a different image. For example, cat-eyeglasses make women look sexier and prettier. Round eyeglasses make man look gentle and wise. In fact, no matter what are the usages of the glasses, they come out in accordance to some needs. It may be ridiculous to some people, but the wearers have the needs.
  • Ghassan S.


    Because smart people wearing glasses have vision problems. They really need eyeglasses. When people read something and get close to read clear, use their eyes for a very long time without a break or use their eyes in the wrong way, it will cause vision problems such as myopia. It has nothing to do with their wisdom. It is about the way they treat their eyes.
  • Caleb murphy


    Yeah, there is the popularity for people to wear the eyeglasses if even they are short sighted. The lenses of the eyeglasses have no prescription, but with the role of protecting the eyes from the radiation from the computers and other electric products. However, the eyeglasses become the fashion which could match with the clothes as the accessories.

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