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Does vitamin e help black eyes?

Can vitamin e help black eyes? If so, How can vitamin e work on my eyes?
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  • Connor


    En, it's true that vitamin E can help black eyes. Black eye is commonly bruising around eyes due to injury, especially eye injury and face injury. Studies have constantly shown that vitamin E has possitive effects on the healing process, especially bruising. Meanwhile you can through eating frsh fruits to take vitamin E supplements, such as oranges, strawberries, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. And you also can apply vitamin E oil afterward, three days later, your black eye will disappear through and through.
  • Anthony cecil


    Ok, I can see that your eyes got black and indeed it could make you appear to be ugly and greatly affect your personal image. So, as a matter of fact, Vitamin E is of great importance as to treating black eyes, and so do some other vitamins, they are antioxidants and could make your bruised area heal in a faster pace, it could quicken your blood circulation. Also, try to get more sleep and have a balanced diet during recent days.

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