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James green


What to do if you get boiling water in your eye ?

It is really hurt that i get a bit of boiling water in my eyes. Will it causes serious damages? What shall i do now?
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  • Shoji Meguro


    you need to be careful for long term damage i got eye floaters after 3-4 months after got some boiling water drops into my left eye and now i am very depressed
  • Kelley


    It is really bad for you to get the bit of boiling water in your eyes which will cause the serious damages. Your eyes may get swelling. In addition, you may also use the cold cloth to cover on your eyes to cool the surface of the eyes. The cloth should be clean. Then you could use some eye drops to make the eyes get comfortable.
  • carter


    Yes, it is possible that serious damage can be done, but not necessary. It depends on how serious the symptoms of burns are, how much hot water enter your eyes and how the first aid is done. Accurate pain may occur if boiling water hit the sensitive cornea. After your cornea is burned, it still hurts like crazy when you blink your eye or move your eyelids.Your eyes immediately water as the hot water reaches your eyes. Thus your eye may be inflamed and red. You may develop sensitiveness to light. There are about 5 different layers in your cornea. If the hurt is only limited to the outer layer, the cornea can repair itself with time. However, if the burns goes so deep as into the inner layers, sight loss may be caused. Treatments: 1.The doctor will prescribe antibiotic eye drops and steroid eye drops for you to alleviate the inflammation. 2.You should pay attention to the sanitary conditions of the wound. 3.You need a balance diet with food which is abundant in high protein. 4.No spicy food, alcohol and other pungent food.
  • Kelly eddy


    I'm sorry to hear it, but please take it easy, you'd better use Anti-inflammatory eye drops such as Chloramphenicol eye drops if you feel uncomfortable around your eyes. If your eyes work regularly after get a bit of boiling water, you don't have need to worry them. It doesn't matter, and be careful when you touch boiling water next time.