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What color contacts look best on asians

I want to make myself look more like asians. So, what colored contact lenses shall i choose? Any recommendation?
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  • Cassidy bell


    If you want to make yourself look more like asians, you could choose the light black or chocolate colored contact lenses which will also make your eyes look big and bright. You could go to the online store to have a look. The price there will be suitable which may save you a lot of money.
  • coppercoconut19


    Contact lenses color chooses according to people's taste, skin color, temperament and hair's color. In reality, Asian always have deep color pupil, such as the brown, chocolate and black, there are all good choices. Asians generally wear chocolate and brown contact lenses are the high side. On a personal note, I suggest you choice brown, it can not only make your sensible quality prominent, but also let you have a mystic temperament.
  • wesley


    If you want to look more like Asian, you should choose contact lenses with less dramatic color. Light colors such as blue, green, purple and so on will give you an unnatural look, so you should avoid these colors. Actually, it is better for you to choose contact color according to your skin tone. If your skin is darker, light auburn with golden sparks is suitable for you. If you have lighter skin, hazel will be good. Grey can be taken into consideration, for some Asian girls wearing grey contacts look beautiful and sophisticated.