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How can I defog my ski goggles properly?

Everytime when my ski goggles get fogging up, I just use my shirt or paper towel to defog it. But I am told that it may damage the lens. So how can I defog my ski goggles properly?
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  • Charles Joseph


    To defog your ski goggles, you shall have a check and make sure no snow is inside the goggles before you put them on. In case your ski goggles get fog, you shall prepare a tissue or small piece of cloth in your pocket and use it to wipe away moisture in the goggles.
  • ebernardino


    Take anti-fog towelettes with you when you go skiing. Wipe the inner and outer surface of your goggles with the towelette before you start to ski. Then put the towelettes back to your pocket.
  • walkingalone123


    Fog in ski goggles can be quite a pain in the neck. I love skiing and my exclusive tips are that before they are fogging, you need to carry a tissue or piece of cloth to wipe off the moisture on the screen. You have to make sure that air can circulate through your goggle to refrain from fogging.