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Brittany green


How to cure painful eyes?

What can be the best home remedies for painful eyes? Do you guys know anything about this?
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  • Adam


    There are many factors that can cause painful eyes. To relieve from eye pain, you shall try to find out what causes it. For example, eye pain can result from black eyes, eye allergies, pink eyes, stye, foreign bodies, corneal abrasions, glaucoma or iritis etc. To, it is really hard to tell you how to cure painful eyes because different causes require different treatments. So, we need you provide more information for a cure. Nevertheless, you can use cold compress to help you reduce pain in the eyes temporarily.
  • Makayla raphael


    Oh, I hate that when my eye hurts. An eye pain can just kill me. Firstly, you need to make sure that what causes your eye pain. According to what I know, your eye pain may be caused by conjunctiva, which is usually the chief culprit. Yes, you can' t just ignore this and you do need to take some measures to solve it. You can treat your pain eyes differently according to the different symptoms. For example, a cool compress, cucumber compress and something else. However, if your eye pain is very severe, you had better go to see an eye doctor right away.