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I got glow a little bit stick fluid in my eye, what should i do?

My eyes feel pain because a little bit stick fluid got into my eyes. Can you tell me how to get it rid of my eyes?
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  • walkersrarest


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. As to can see, stick fluid is designed to bond two things together and it is made up of chemicals, which could do harm and be irritative to your eyes. And sometimes it could damage your conjunctiva, which is vital to your eye health. So, for now, you gotta flush your eyes thoroughly with saline water and take some eye drops to help. If there is still remainder of the fluid, just try to see a doctor.
  • Alexia charles


    Since you have the little bit stick fluid in your eyes, your eyes may get infection because of the coming bacterium. You'd better use the water to wash the eyes clearly. Then you could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get the clear eyes. I strongly suggest you to go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes. Your eyes may get the infection which should be cured.