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What are pros and cons of transition glasses?

My friends recommend me transition glasses. To have a better understand of such eyeglasses, can you tell me the pros and cons of transition glasses? Thank you.
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  • Danielle


    Of course, the transition of glasses is popular among the variety of crowd. First of all, they can prevent the sun's harmful UV ray, and let you get 100% of the protection. In addition, with the simplest words, the transition glasses are with the self-adjustment of the lenses. So, they can change from deep to shallow according to different light conditions. For disadvantages, perhaps, in the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable. It is because with the light changing, the color of lenses also have great changes, then you may bother it. However, as long as you wear a period of time, being accustomed to this kind of glasses, you will feel very comfortable.
  • Jerry H.


    Transitions lenses are eyeglass lenses that are usually used to react to the amounts of ultraviolet rays to which the eyes are exposed. They have a lot of advantages. One of the benefits is that they can be used as both a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses, which is much more convenient and can save some money. Another benefit is that the wearer will have an incalculable number of protection degrees, and the wearer's eyes always will receive the correct amount of light because the transition lenses can vary from the amount of sunlight. What's more, transitions lenses block the ultraviolet light in sunlight and therefore protect the eyesight of the wearer. As for the disadvantages, there are also some points. First, transition lenses always keep a slight tint, even in low-light conditions. Second, it will take some time for the lenses to change from one place to another place. At last, transition lenses don't respond to visible light.
  • Catherine williams


    Transition lenses contain a patented material that is called chromic dye, which have the ability to darken automatically when exposed to UV rays. The degree of darkness depends on the intensity of light. And it's made in polycarbonate and trives lenses, which are not that heavy as other glasses. And another main benefit is that it combines the functionality of glasses and sunglasses, thus you don't need to carry extra pair of sunglasses. However, it couldn't get dark in hot weather because of heat reduce the sensitivity to light. The obvious shortcoming is it doesn't work behind the windshield of a car, because the windshield on a car already had UV protection function. And they can't get rid of reflective glare.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    According to the principle of transparent color indoors and dark color outside, the transition glasses can help your eyes protect from the ultraviolet rays A and B. This can be most practical advantage of transition glasses. What's more, the cool appearance makes it popular. However, there are two groups which are not suitable for this type of glasses. One is the children whose adjustable ability to the change of light is not strong. The other is the one with high prescription. The dark color lenses outside may intensify the prescription.
  • mercy


    There are a lot of benefits with transition glasses, they reduce eye strain and fatigue indoors and squinting in sunlight. They are available in brown and gray variable tints to suit your personal style. The lenses can save you money as you don%u2019t need to buy separate prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.
    But they don%u2019t work in a car because the windshield blocks the UV rays that are necessary to initiate the lenses%u2019 darkening mechanism.
    Maybe you may have to take off your glasses for outdoor photos. Since the lenses darken as soon as you walk outside, your eyes will be obscured in pictures.

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