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Why is my nose always in field of vision?

Several weeks ago I woke up and could see my nose (mainly the right side) constantly in my field of vision. It is extremely bothersome and sometimes it makes me dizzy. any help would be appreciated!
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  • Lydia


    I would recommend you to have your visual field checked to see whether it is normal. So you'd better go to see an doctor if it always bothers you.
  • walker


    I think you are having vision problems. It is not normal for people to see their nose. Your focus is too close. The best solution is to have a comprehensive eye exam and find out the problem.
  • b3autifulxlies


    Maybe you are having problem in focus. There is a term called convergence excess. It is a condition where the eyes do not exactly aim together; rather, they aim too close or in front of the object. You may need have an eye exam to decide if you need treatment.
  • crystalise34


    I also can see the right side of my nose. But I never pay attention to it and always ignore it. It doesn't bother me at all. I think you shouldn't always focus on your nose.

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