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Paige williams


What is the cause for Sudden cloudy vision?

I was driving home 2 nights ago and was hit with an extremely bright white double strobe-like light out of nowhere. The next day I started to see what seemed to be floaters in my Left eye while sitting in front of the computer screen. Today it suddenly changed again to a cloudy or dirty window effect. When I look at the sky as a background, I see a zillion little dots in a blurry haze out of that eye. Any idea about it?
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  • Mariah shelley


    It sounds like you have got a retina detaching. You must go to see a specialist immediately. The doctor will have your eyes checked and then take measures to stop from doing more damage. Wish you good luck.
  • abbyabbie


    The most common cause of cloudy vision is cataract, which is a gradual loss of transparency in the lens inside your eye. Changes in or damage to the cornea, the clear “window” covering the front of your eye, may also cause cloudy vision. Cloudy vision originating in the cornea may be caused by chemical burns, trauma, infections or inflammations of the cornea (keratitis), and numerous corneal dystrophies (conditions that cause abnormal buildup of fluid or other substances in the cornea).

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