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Luke oliver


Can I do eye exercises to strengthen my eyesight if I stop wearing glasses?

I don't want to wear glasses. And I don't want to wear contact lenses, either. can eye exercises strengthen my eyesight?
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  • Debbie Morton


    No. Doing eye exercises won't strengthen your vision. It can only make your eyes relax to make you relieve from eye strain. If you don't want to wear glasses and contacts, you can choose to have lasik surgery to have your vision corrected.
  • Luthy


    If your prescription is low, you can stop wearing glasses and try other ways to maintain your eyesight. Firstly, get a healthy diet. For examole, eat more food rich in vitamins. Secondly, don't play computer or watch TV too much. When you play computer for a long time, you should take regular breaks to avoid eye strain. Thirdly, don't read or write in dim light. Finally, do eye exercises regularly every day to relax your eyes and strengthen eye muscles.
  • ctc_youth


    Eye exercises can only help relax your eye, and prevent eye strain. They can't help improve vision. Any form of eye exercise is useless if you want to improve vision. If you don't want to wear contact lenses, the only choice is to have lasik surgery.
  • walkingalone121


    Myopia is a change in vision due to the eyeball being too long and / or the cornea too curved. Eye exercise can't reverse it. And Nothing you can do to change it without surgery.