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Can yoga help me to deal with eye pain or burning eyes?

One of my friends told me that yoga are helpful for our eyes. Is that true? Can they help reduce pain or burning in the eyes?
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  • Mark Burns


    Actually, yoga can keep our body healthy rather than help us to deal with eye pain or burning eyes. When you play yoga, your body gets exercises and your heart gets peace, meanwhile, your eyes get rest. However, although the yoga is good for your eyes, you would better know it is not a method to deal with your eye pain or burning eyes. You eye pain or burning eyes must suffer inflection or other disease, you might need take some medicine or use some drops.
  • Audrey


    Yoga is said to be a wander drug or magic spell for many kinds of pain and discomfort. But you are requires making out the exact reasons for your burning eyes. There are some common causes: allergies, viral infection, chemical pollutants, conjunctivitis and other environmental irritants. Of course, the most direct way is to visit your doctor. Any exercises including yoga are helpful to eyes, especially eye exercises. Besides, it is also good to eat more vegetables, fruits and some vitamins. And pay attention to keep your eyes clean at any time. Using some eye drop may help you relieve or cure your burning eyes.