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Why I have burning eyes in the morning?

My eyes burn so bad in the morning when I wake up. What cause my red burning eyes?
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  • hand_in__hand


    If this symptoms are not happen every. It may caused by lack of good rest of your eyes or dry eyes, you can use eye drops to help your burning eyes. Or, your burning eyes may caused by allergy. So, If you have a serious burning eyes, you shall get your eyes checked by eye doctor so as to make the right treatments for your eyes.
  • Kelly eddy


    There are so many reasons that can cause burning eyes in the morning. For example, you are excessive use of your eyes last night or lack of sleep and rest. Besides, it may caused by some eye diseases such as pink eyes and allergy etc. So, take care of your eyes and get your eyes checked by eye doctor so as to get the right way to treat your burning eyes.

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