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Stress related to eye health?

I am a 25yr old male, I have wore contacts since I was about 13, i all of a sudden have irrated eyes when I were my contacts, redness, itchy, gritty, even lots of crust in my eye the next day. i went to the eye doc not long ago, he gave me a better contact and told me to change my solution, this helped slighty, but didnt cure it. i am super stressed out at the moment, more than i have ever been in my entire life, things are miserable to be blunt. any relation to stress and eye health?
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  • come__tomorrow


    Maybe it is related. But my personal idea is, maybe you care too much on the things that give you pressure and ignore the eyes health, remember to protect your eyes, no matter how busy you are. And remember to eat something with vitamin A, to enhance eyes strength. you should buy some anti-inflammatory.
  • Miranda


    Well, I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. I think you may get an eye infection. If it is pink eye, you may need to apply some medical treatment to treat with your symptoms.
  • Jade james


    You definitely get an eye infection. It is easy to get an eye infection for contact users because the contacts are put into their eyes directly. If there are some bacteria on their hands, they will catch an eye infection. But I think your eye infection was result from unclean solutions. Usually we need to replace solutions and rinse the contacts frequently because there are bacteria in the solutions or contacts. An eye infection may occurs after the bacteria accumulate bit by bit.
  • Lainey


    Calm down and get relaxed. Maybe your just get chronic dry eye symptoms. You can apply some artificial tears to flush your eyes and provide your eyes with enough water. Or you can drink plenty of water. But I doubt that whether there is some foreign objects in your eyes. So your eyes will release discharges to fight against them. But sometimes if we catch a bad cold, we may have discharges in our eyes too. I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately. He or she may find out what causes your problems. Good luck!