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Can wearing contacts when playing computer cause dry eyes?

I have been wearing contacts for 5 years and I have to work on the computer over 6 hours a day. But recently I found my eyes get dried easily. Could this be caused by wearing contacts?
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  • ct_exposed


    Yes. Long-term wearing contacts will make your eyes dry because contacts are placed on the eyeball, which will absorb moisture and make the tear evaporate quickly and then you will get dry eye. If you wear contacts when playing computer, you are easier to get dry eye because you blink less while staring at the computer screen. So wearing contacts when playing computer can cause dry eye easily.
  • Zachary


    Yes, wearing contacts too long can cause dry eyes easily, and it will aggravate the problem if you wear them for computer use, as you often forget to blink your eyes when staring at the computer screen. So it is not suggested to wear contacts when playing computer.

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