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Jade scott


Do my eyeglasses have to be really thick if i have a strong prescrption?

Here is my prescription: Right eye. sph, -7.00 cyl -3.00 axis 20 Left eye sph -7.25 cyl -1.50 axis 180. Do my eyeglasses have to be really thick? I really hate that thick eyeglasses on me.
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  • Victor


    Yes. You have a strong prescription. If you want to get a regular plastic lens, then your lens would be thick with a strong prescription. However, you can get high index for your lens which will make your lens much thinner. For high index, the stronger the prescription is, the thinner the lens will be. So I recommend you get the high index for your lenses.
  • Alexia gerard


    It should depend on which lens index you choose. If you choose the standard 1.5 index, of course your glasses will be very thick. But if you choose 1.67 index, it can be much thinner. But the thinner the lens is, the more expensive they are.