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Michelle percy


What should I do if I don't want to wear glasses?

I am 14 and over the last week i noticed my vision is getting worse. i hope that im not going to need glasses because i really don't really want them. Is there anything I can do?
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  • walkthewalk46


    There is still chance that you don't need wear glasses in your future as long as you can protect your eyes very well. Limit the time of watching TV or playing computer. Don't read in the dark and take exercise regularly.
  • baker


    It is not late that you can realize that you should maintain a good vision. You can try eye exercise. But they do not produce instant results, it takes time, just like regular exercise. The two main exercises I use are called palming and shifting, just google them. I have kept doing them for a year and my vision does improve a little.
  • Sue


    If you don't want to wear glasses, you can wear contact lenses. You should go to have an eye exam to see whether you need glasses or contact lenses to help you see clearly. If you do need them and you don't want to wear glasses, you can choose to wear contacts.
  • scott burnham


    The best thing to do is get your eyes examined to see if you have a problem first and then if you do talk to your eye doctor about your options.

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