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What causes peripheral vision distortion?

I have got this problem several times for a year but each time it only lasts for about 30 minutes. I can see fine except for one side of my peripheral vision in my left eye. There is no other symptoms such as headache. Can you give me any advice?
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    There are a variety of potential causes for peripheral vision distortion. In detail, optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma, high intraocular pressure (IOP), eye strokes and blood flow blockage in the eye are some of the possible reasons for such problems. Whatever it is, you should have an eye exam and find out what is causing this.
  • Jenya


    It sounds like migraine. Sometimes there's just visual symptoms and no discomfort or headache. It's still migraine. If you also see flashing lights, sort of like lighting bolts in your peripheral vision, then I'm pretty sure that you are getting these migraines without headache. See an doctor first.