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Alexander green


Can menopause cause puffy eyes?

Is it possible to get puffy eyes because of menopause? Why? What can i do to help it?
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  • James


    Well, yes, you may get puffy eyes because of menopause. According to some experts, menopause often happens to women. And generally speaking, you should pay more attention to your eyes, because when you get menopause, it can let you get some eye diseases, such as dry eyes and puffy eyes. Anyway, you should pay attention to them. When get dry eyes because of menopause, and have not treated it, it is possible to make your eyes to be infected. At that moment, it can lead to puffy eyes because of the infection. By the way, during menopause, the age-related degeneration can occur. And then it can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Anyway, just be careful about it. For your situation, you can just go and see a doctor, so that he can help you.
  • Erin rupert


    So sorry to know that .Anyway, from what I know, if you have got puffy eyes at menopause period, then perhaps there is something to do with your heart conditions as well as your kidney. Sometimes their deficiency would lead to puffy eyes. Also, you should go through an overall examination to see what really went wrong. In the meantime, you should consult a doctor and follow his reliable advice. Just pay attention to your body and see if the problem could be fixed when measures are taken.
  • Geoff


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the puffy eyes because of the menopause. The time of menopause for women and men is different. For women, menopause refers to the transition period where the ovarian function is changed from strong state gradually to disappear completely. This period of menopause includes a period of time before and after. For men, the menopause is pointed to 50 ~ 60 years old. During this phase, the menopausal symptoms are hot and dry vertigo, palpitation. At present, they have black spots or limbs hair. They need to pay special attention to maintenance. The eyes may easily get dry during the menopause which will cause the puffy eyes. However, people during the menopause should drink more water and eat more vegetables to add the vitamin.
  • jhon smith


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