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Can blepharitis cause loss of vision?

I heard that vision loss can be caused by blepharitis. Is it serious? Why?
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  • Audrey


    Well, I think you have a lack of knowledge about blepharitis, as a matter of fact, it is quite a serious problem, which could lead to some painful feelings, dizziness, and a feeling of fatigue, as well as a decrease in your vision. So, as you can see, it would make your situation even worse, so, I recommend that you take some timely and effective measures, and get some treatment before it is too late.
  • Andrea


    Yes, the vision loss can be caused by blephritis. It is serious that you should take care of. If you wear the contact lenses for more hours a day, you may get the high possibility to get dryness and get inflammation. You could cause the blepharitis which is an acute suppurative inflammation eyelid of common glands and hair follicles eyelash. It is the bacterium that causes the inflammation in the eyes. If you don't treat it carefully and in time, you may that the eye problems gets serious. The eye nerves may get affected and your eye pressure may rise. You'd better treat it in time. Or else, the corneal will be damaged which will be the main reason for the blindness. You should not ignore blepharitis which will have great role for your health of eyes.
  • ebernardino


    Yes, it is true that blepharitis can cause vision loss. Blepharitis, as an inflammatory condition, accompany with itchiness, redness, flking. It is a common eye problem that affects both children and adults. In some circumstance, blepharitis can lead to permanent alterations to the eyelid margin or vision loss from superficial keratopathy.

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