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Are you awake during lasik surgery?

I am considering getting lasik eye surgery soon. I'm kind of worried and nervous. Do they put you to sleep during eye surgery or do you have to stay awake?
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  • emiliaenespanol


    Just relax, you are required to be awake and conscious during the LASIK surgery. You will be asked to look at a fixation light. So, you shall make yourself relax so as to dome the surgery successfully. Usually, the eye doctors will use numbing drops, so you not feel a thing, and the eye doctor will also help your concentrate on a little red dot( a red light). In fact, LASIK surgery is very easy than you expected. So, don't worry.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Yes. You are awake during lasik surgery because you are asked to look at the fixation light . But you don't have to worry about it. The surgeon will give you a mild sedative to help reduce your anxiety before the procedure. During the procedure, anesthesia will be used so that you won't experience any pain during lasik surgery. Nowadays, lasik surgery is safe to patients. Make sure you get a good surgeon to give the procedure before you have lasik surgery.