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William clive


Is it possible for me to get contacts if I have different eyesight?

I have nearsighted in one eye and but good vision in the other. Can I still get contacts?
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  • Pete


    It is normal that two eyes have different power.In this case, you can only wear a contact lens in one eye and the other eye gets no contact lens.Or you can get one contact lens prescribled and get clear contact lens in another eye.
  • Ghassan S.


    Yes, it is possible for you. You can ask your doctor for seperate prescription on each eyes. To be specifically, one contact lens for nearsightedness, one for non-prescription lens.
  • Samuel


    Of course you can. One contact lens is prescribed,the other is not.
  • Kristy Prince


    Sure.Many people have different eyesight in their eyes.Just go to your doctor and tell him your needs.