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Should I wear my glasses all the time if I can see things at close?

Someone suggested me wearing them all the time.
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  • Brandon cook


    I am nearsighted, too. But I can see things at close.I often wear glasses only when I need them, like watching TV and seeing the chalkboard.Now my vision get even worse.When I went to my eye doctor to have a check, he advised I should wear my glasses all the time. So I think you should wear your glasses all the time.
  • Brandon


    If your prescription for nearsighted is strong (especially more than -2.0--3.0), you are suggested to wear glasses all the time, even if you can see things clearly at close.
  • Bruce Robot


    If you can see things at close better without glasses,then you'd better not wear them.In my opinion,you'd better not wear them all the time otherwise you will be too independent on them.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    I often see people in low prescription(lower than -3.00)only wear glasses when they need. They don't want to be dependent on the glasses.

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