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Why do I always see black dots and white lines in my vision?

I always feel fainting but the doctor say they still can't find any problem in my eyes. The fainting is gradually disappearing but I will see a black spot followed by a white line and both of them everyday.
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  • Lisa


    You may have your eyes examined at your doctor as soon as possible, maybe the black dots and white lines are caused by some kind of eye disease or infections. Some special drops can solve your problem.
  • Brandon cook


    You'd better go to see a professional ophthalmologist who has a reputation in eye problems and tell him what problem you have met.He will give you a careful check and will find out your problems.Some eye doctor who have less experience may not find out the exactl problem you have.Hope this helps.
  • Sara scott


    I think it is called"floater" and common in most people.There is no need to worry about it as they are harmless to your eyes.Just as your doctor said,your eyes are fine.But they are quite annoying.
  • chrisera21


    It also happens to me often.They are floaters and no need for treatment.Time will cure them and you will get used to them later.

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