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Are Extended Contact Lenses really safe to use?

Does anyone have experience of wearing Extended Contact Lenses? Are they really safe to use for sleeping?
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  • etherealfreak


    Extended Contact Lenses are more breathable now and you can sleep in them for a longer time. I often sleep in them for several days and take them out once a week. I don't get any problems about that.
  • erraticgothles


    When you wear extended contacts for a long time, potentially dangerous microorganisms can adhere to the lenses and get trapped between the lenses and your eyes. These microbes thrive in the warm, moist environment under your contact lenses, especially when your eyelids are closed during sleep. And because contact lenses reduce the oxygen supply to your corneas, your eyes are less able to fight off infections. So many doctors began encouraging patients to always remove their contacts before sleep.

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