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Can an anti-refection coating be added to the lens after the glasses have been cut?

When I was ordering my new glasses, I refused the option to have the anti-reflective coating on the lenses. But now I feel regretted. Is it possible to add the anti-reflection coating after the glasses are made?
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  • David Felker


    Anti-reflection coating are usually added to the uncut lenses, and then they are made according to the frame shape. So there is no way to add it to the already cut lens, you need to order new lenses with anti-refection coating.
  • cook


    No. An anti-refection coating can only be added to an uncut lens, not to a lens that has already been cut. So if you want to have anti-reflective coating on the lenses, you should order a new pair of glasses and ask your optician to add the anti-reflective coating to the lenses.

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