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Bob Witek


What are sinus infection effects on eyes?

I heard that sinus infection can also cause some eye problems. So, What are sinus infection effects on eyes?
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  • walkingfetus


    Well, generally speaking, sinus infection can lead to many problems in the eyes. For example, sinus infection can cause your eyes bloodshot, by increasing the pressure inside the blood vessels. Besides, both cold and sinus infections can also make the skin paler and make the bloodshot eyes look more distinct. Also, you should know that it can lead to bruised eyes, puffy eyes, red and itchy eyes too. So you should just go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Samuel hill


    Yes, sinus infection can cause some eye problems. Sinus infection can result in eye infection, with pus collecting in the tissues of the eye. If the infection spreads to the eye socket, there will be pain, swelling and redness of the lids and double vision. The most serious situation is becoming loss of vision. It is imperative for you to consult your doctor.
  • Angela green


    The sinus infection may easily cause the eyes to be dry. At the same time, it may let the eyes be weak at the immune system which could cause the eye infection easily. Thus, you'd better use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes keep moisture. At the same time, you should not drink or smoke to intensify the sinus infection.