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How long does macular degeneration take to progress?

I know macular degeneration is a nature rule that we can hardly prevent it. Can you tell me how long does macular degeneration take to progress?
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  • Sonya


    Macular degeneration has become the leading cause of vision loss for people above 65 years old. Macular degeneration is a progressive disease which could cause old people loses the central vision with no cure so far. There is something that you can do to prevent your eyes from developing macular degeneration. There are some main symptoms of macular degeneration that I would like to introduce. The first sign of the AMD (age-related macular degeneration) is macular drusen which are yellow or off white deposits in macular which is a common situation for people above 65. Yet only macular drusen won't cause vision loss. With AMD, you may have blurred vision, central scotoma and difficulty in distinguishing colors and so on. Straight lines in your eyes might be bent or wave. First of all AMD is hereditary. The genetic factor increases the risk of getting AMD. Yet there is still something you could do to prevent it. Wearing sunglasses to prevent UV-A and UV-B sunrays to reduce the damage to eyes. Cardiovascular exercise does not only benefit your body but also your eyes. It could help our circulatory system, also increasing the efficiency blood supply to our retina. Taking anti-inflammatory diet is critical. Fish oil could greatly benefit our brain and eyes. Besides, antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin could help prevent from developing AMD as well.
  • Joseph bell


    Well, it is hard to say how long does the macular degeneration progress. For it all depends on the types and the causes. Generally speaking, macular degeneration is a chronic eye condition most common in people over 60. In common, it can lead to blindness. If you get it, it may make you lose their central vision, which is the ability to see straight ahead. On the other hand, the peripheral vision can be remained. And there are two kinds of macular degeneration, which is classified with dry and wet. In common, dry one can progress slowly, while wet one can be faster. For more questions, you can console it with doctors.
  • handsomestudgw


    Yes, the macualr degeneration is a nature rule that we can hardly prevent it. It is often happened among people above old age. Because of the aging problem, our eye nerves, especially the macular area, will cause the problems. Once you get the macular degeneration, the lutein in your eyes will be decreased year by year. Some people may get blindness after five years. Thus, you'd better go to the hospital to accept the professional treatment.
  • Caroline bell


    Most cases of AMD progress very slowly over a period of years. Vision may remain stable between annual eye examinations, and many patients retain a reasonable amount of peripheral vision. However, wet AMD typically progresses much more rapidly than dry AMD. The majority of people who experience severe vision loss from AMD have the wet form.