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Who is at risk for macular degeneration?

Can you tell me what can makes us in high risks of macular degeneration except age? Is there anyway that can slow down macular degeneration?
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  • Nadine


    Well, it seems that you are quite worried about your health, anyway, it is good for you because thus you could take some precaution measures to prevent it. As a matter of fact,macular degeneration is quite serious which is resulted from a lot of reasons, such as alcohol, exposure to harmful lights, drug use, as well as obesity, and diabetes sometimes. Anyway, it is complicated, so you need to pay a lot of attention to your eyes before thing get worse.
  • Otis Crockett


    Well, you should know that there are many possible risk factors including genetics, age, diet, smoking and sunlight exposure can lead to macular degeneration. For the most possible one, we can say that people with bad life habits can get it. When you get macular degeneration, a blurry, and gray may occur. What is more, blindness can happen too. So just be careful about it. So you can just intake some foods which contain a lot of vitamin d, for high levels of vitamin D may be able to prevent or slow the process of macular degeneration. Also, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage and pumpkins can be good to prevent macular degeneration too.
  • Trinity hill


    The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly the aging change for the performance of the retinal pigment epithelium cells for the macular area structure. The outside plate film ingests function declines. It is not the digest plate membrane residual in the body retention in the basement of the cells in the blade. The cells are influenced and form a glass membrane. Thus, it leads to macular degeneration. As we know, the macular degeneration is often happened among the people with old age. Besides the old age, there are many kinds of people who are easy to get the macular degeneration. People who smoke a lot may get the macular degeneration. And those whose family members have such disease may prone to this disease, too. In addition, people lacking of vitamin E and C with inoxidizability will have such macular degeneration, too. However, if you want to slow down the macular degeneration, you'd better have the good diet, own the good sleep and have the good habit of using eyes.

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