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Can I use bike goggles for basketball?

I am considering a pair of goggles for playing basketball but I find most of them are ugly. I saw some bike goggles accidently and they look cool. Can I use them for basketball?
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  • Robert Johnson


    Bike goggles are designed to protect your eyes against dust and wind, while basketball goggles are used to protect your eyes from impact while playing sports. As they are designed for different purposes, i suggest you not use them to play basketball.
  • Shelby harris


    I'm afraid not. Bike goggles have hard edges, so they are not allowed to use while playing basketball.
  • Anome


    They are designed for different purposes. Bike goggles are used to prevent wind and other particles getting into eyes. Its design is similar to sunglasses. They are not as strong as basketball goggles because basketball goggles have a strap which can prevent the goggles falling down. What's more, basketball goggles are impact resistant. So you'd better not use bike goggles for basketball.

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