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What are some natural ways to lower eye pressure?

My mother has high eye pressure all the time but there is no other symptoms. What are some natural ways to lower eye pressure?
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    High eye pressure will increases the risk of developing glaucoma if it is untreated. However, they are some natural ways to help lower eye pressure. One of the effective way is drinking small amounts of water every day. But never drink a large amount of water at one time, or it will increase your eye pressure. What amount of water you should drink is determined by your own condition, so you should talk to your doctor about this. Keeping your blood pressure under control can also help lower the eye pressure.
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    Eye pressure is also known as ocular hypertension. It is a common condition in people over 40. If you want to lower eye pressure, you shall increases healthy fluid intake. Sip 8-10 glasses of healthy liquids frequently throughout the day to stay to keep eye moist. Besides, you shall also avoid some food like sugary, caffeinated, carbonated and alcoholic beverage etc.

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