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What are the Causes of Cloudy Vision?

My mother always complains about cloudy vision and she has got it for several weeks. What are the Causes of Cloudy Vision?
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  • Chenely


    There are several factors that can cause cloudy vision. If you are suffering cloudy vision, you should visit an ophthalmologist to get early treatment. The most common one to cause cloudy vision is cataracts which can lead to vision loss eventually if it is untreated. People who have cataracts would seek for surgery which also has some risks and complications. Macular degeneration can also cause cloudy vision. Therefore, you should have your eyes checked if you suffer cloudy vision.
  • Noah rupert


    People with cloudy vision is because of loss of sharpness of vision. People with cloudy vision may also lose their ability to see small details. So, you shall take your mom to seek advice from an ophthalmologist. generally speaking, there are two main reasons that can cause cloudy vision. One causes of cloudy vision is cataracts and the other reason may macular degeneration.

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