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Is shea butter good for dark circles?

I heard that shea butter can work for reducing dark circles. Is that true? Does anyone who has the experience of using shea butter to reduce dark circles?
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  • tuener


    Well, yes, shea butter can be good for dark circles under eyes for they can help to fade away the dark colors under your eyes. Anyway, you can have a try. But you also should know that this is a long term task, only do you use them in a long time, it can make a good job to your dark circles under your eyes. Also, dark circles are a sign of lack of sleep and even the stress. So having a good rest can be effective. Of course, you can take some measures to reduce them. For example, Vaseline which contains vitamin E and C are good, by using them, it will make your skin sticky, and in that way, it will also helpful in reducing the dark circles. Besides, lemon juice, olive oil can be good for your eyes, also, there are many other factors that can cause dark circles under eyes, such as the allergy and alcohol, or stress, lack of sleep. So just avoid them too.
  • Jean


    Well, as a matter of fact, shea butter is one of the most nutritious stuff in the nature. Generally speaking, it contains a lot of vitamins and nutritions, especially vitamin A and vitamin E, which are best for healing dark circles under eyes. Actually, a friend of mine just used it and found it quite useful and amazing. Maybe some quality shea butter could be your best company.
  • cupidityx


    Frankly, the Shea butter does no use for the dark circles under eyes. Instead, the Shea butter can help to reduce the stretch marks. I do not know that whether you know the reasons for the dark circles or not. I know that lacking of sleep can cause the dark circles. If you want to clear the dark circles, you should have enough sleep and have a good rest, and also you can make full use of cucumber which can offer enough water to your loved eyes. Apart from the factor, you had better to not drink much water before sleeping, because this will cause edema, the result is that your eyes will not have a good rest. LOL.. You will have a date with the dark circles. At your daily life, you can protect your eyes carefully with many things, such as the oatmeal, salmon and Green tea. In a word, you should at least have enough sleep so that you and your eyes have enough rest.