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John C.


Are goggles necessary for tanning beds?

I plan to go tanning. Is it necessary to prepare goggles?
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  • Vidadimir


    Well, it seems that you are going to get your body tanned. Anyway, it is good for you because in that way your skin appears to be healthier. So, as you can see the lights of tools would simply do harm to your eyes therefore your eyes require some kind of shelter. Thus, you should get some sunglasses not goggles, since goggles are used in sports activities. Anyway, there might be some special sunglasses for tanning I suppose.
  • Savannah percy


    Yes, it is very necessary for you to prepare the goggles. You'd better prepare a pair of sunglasses to prevent the eyes from the uv and other bad lights. If you don't prepare one, you will get the painful eyes after the tanning. Your eyes may feel red and uncomfortable. Thus, you must prepare a pair of sunglasses before you go to have the tanning.

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