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Theresa M


What are the side effects of alcohol on eyesight?

Can alcohol affect the eyesight? If people drink too much alcohol, would their vision be affected? What are the side effects?
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  • cap081291


    Alcohol can interfere the intake of Vitamin in body and consume too much vitamin instead. Vitamin A is the important nutrition for retina and the lack of it can cause impaired vision.
  • Samuel hill


    Alcohol can have negative effect on optic nerve which the eyes use to focus the lens upon the retina in the eye to make an image of what we see. When retina is stimulated by alcohol, it will have congestion easily can cause the image we see out of shape.
  • David cook


    Drinking alcohol heavily wil impairs brain function and weaken your eye muscle coordination. So you may get blurred vision or double vision after you drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol will also slow pupil reactions and make peripheral vision decreased. So people who drink alcohol are not suitable for driving.
  • Jocelyn


    Drinking too much alcohol will make you difficult to focus on objects. And it can cause incorrect perceptions. Sometimes it will make the blood vessels in your eyes to expand and then your eyes may become red.
  • waldron143


    Alcohol won't hurt your eyesight, but if you drink them heavily, it will affect your optic nerve. So you are unable to focus on objects well. To keep your eyes healthy, you'd better drink less alcohol.
  • Lauren


    Yes, definitely alcohol could affect the eyesight. We all know that too much alcohol is bad for health, but what side effects does alcohol bring to eyes? Alcohol could impact our vision in various ways. It could reduce the vision acuity up to 32% so that our vision is blurry always after drinking alcohol. It impact our peripheral vision, giving drunk people a tunnel vision. As to depth perception, alcohol decreased the ability to judge distance and depth, so it is very difficult for drunk people to have both eyes focus on the same object. This also explains why some people complained that they have eyes crossed when they are drunk, because the alcohol weakens muscles controlling ability. It slow down our reaction to glare so the vision clarity is impaired. Too much tobacco or alcohol would bring optic neuropathy to impair the general vision. Finally we all know that alcohol brings extra burden to liver. While liver is responsible for converting beta-carotene into vitamin A which is important to eye health, So alcohol damages liver and therefore damages vision.