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I have blurry vision after being punched?

I get punched by an elbow on my eye two days ago. It was painful but seemed normal then. This afternoon I feel my vision is blurry and a serious pain in my eyes.Do I need an emergency treatment?
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  • catchingthought


    A blunt injury to the eye may cause serious damage such as bruising, bleeding, inflammation, tears in the iris, glaucoma, dislocations of the lens, injury to the optic nerve, retinal detachments and even ruptures of the eye. A complete exam by your eye doctor can make clear the reason of your blurry vision.
  • emi47678


    You need a complete exam by your Eye doctor. Since you get punched on your eye, your eye may be seriously damaged. So you'd better have your eye examined and treated promptly.
  • Shelby rodney


    A punching in the eye can cause serious damage.It may be retinal detachments or bleeding.It is not late to have an exam to determine what the problem is.Just go to your doctor and have an exam.