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How can I know if I have lazy eyes?

I just had an eye exam, but the result didn't show that I had a lazy eye, but I think I do. How can I tell?
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  • etilnus


    1. Look closely at your eyes in a mirror to see if one eye turns inward or outward.2.Notice if one of your eyes seems stronger than the other or if your eyes seem out of sync. 3.Note whether you have trouble with depth perception. 4.Determine whether eyeglasses or contact lenses are ineffective in curing your vision problems. 5.Seek the help of an eye care professional if you have problems with any of the above. Source:
  • Melissa duncan


    If you often get blurred vision or double vision and squint a lot either upwards, downwards, outwards, or inwards, then you probably get the lazy eyes. Sometimes your both eyes can't work together, which is also a symptom of a lazy eye.