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Jackson raphael


Do I need corrective glasses if I squint a lot?

I don't need glasses before,but my teacher told me I squint a lot when I see the blackborad.
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  • Robert


    No, you don't need glasses for your squit eyes, but there are some other treatment for squint: 1.Preserve or restore vision 2. Straighten the eyes 3. Restore binocular vision. First of all, the eyes are checked to see if they have any refractive error that may be responsible for squint. If there is any significant refractive error present, it is treated first. In some cases (accommodative squint) a correction of refractive error is all that may be required to treat squint. Next the eyes are checked for presence of amblyopia. It is important to treat the amblyopia before the surgery for squint. The parents are explained about the importance of this treatment, as their cooperation is very crucial for the success of this treatment. The squint is treated by surgery of either one or both the eyes. The surgery involves weakening or strengthening of the relevant muscles to restore the balance and to get a good coordination. In some cases with double vision, prisms may be added in the glasses to ease the symptoms. Source:
  • confused_withac


    Squinting a lot isn't bad, but it indicates that you should have an eye exam to check your vision. Maybe you need corrective glasses to correct your vision.