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Mohammad S.


Where are smith sunglasses manufactured?

Do you know smith sunglasses? I plan to buy pair. I want to know where are the smith sunglasses manufactured?
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  • cun_yin


    The advantages of Smith sunglasses lie on the special design and good materials in lenses and frames. The brand of Smith sunglasses belongs to the America. And the smith sunglasses are manufactured at Vietnam. Just like other brands, nike and addidas, their branch manufacturing places are located at china and other developing countries.
  • Hebbe


    I am not sure. But i heard that the smith sunglasses manufactures is bases in Sun Valley, Idaho. But they are also made in China. But i don't think this is help you lots when you choose smith sunglasses. I think you shall try to get a pair of sunglasses that best suit for you according to your face shape, skin color as well as personality. Hope this work.
  • Alexander david


    SMITH was established in 1962, is the world's famous glacier glasses and sunglasses brand. Bob Smith is the founder, he was a dentist in California, and also a ski enthusiast. At the beginning, he just tried to solve the problem of their snow mirror fog. Through years of trial and error, Smith finally developed the world's first snow mirror with double lens. The sunglasses are manufactured in USA.

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