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Can I get Lasik surgery if I have dry eyes?

I've heard that people who have "dry eye syndrome" shouldn't have LASIK surgery.I take several prescription medications that cause dry eyes.Can I still get it?
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  • Joshua?hall


    As we know, eye dry is one of the complications after the lasik surgery. You'd better have your dry eyes cured before the surgery is done or have your eyes check and get some specific suggestions from your doctor.
  • Jack taylor


    Your eye surgeon will get your dry eyes treated before you get lasik surgery.So go to see your doctor and have your eyes checked.Your doctor may figure out some ways to treat your dry eyes.After your dry eyes are cured, you can get lasik surgery.
  • Jacqueline warren


    It is not suggested to have lasik surgery .If you have dry eyes even before Lasik, you are at risk for a permanent and severe problem following lasik surgery.So it is better to cure your dry eyes first.