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Do guys like hipster glasses?

Now, i find somebody online says online that hipster glasses are the fashion right now. IS it true? Do you guys like it?
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  • george


    Well, there are many people who like hipster glasses, and they are very famous over the world. For the design, they are so good that they can just give you an exploitable image with thick frame. Also, you should know that they are most often seen in image macros with captions poking fun at hipster stereotypes. Anyway, they are very wonderful and you can have ones. In my opinion, you can buy them on online shop which can give a discount, so it can be cheaper than real stores. There are many different types of hipster glasses, such as prescription hipster glasses including hipster reading glasses, hipster bifocal reading glasses and nearsighted glasses etc. The prices can be as low as 8 dollars. It all depends on your own needs and choice.
  • gary


    So, it seems that you like hipster glasses very much. In my opinion, hipster glasses is very awesome, a lot of people around us even some stars would try to wear them, such as Justin Timberlake. So you can see the popularity of the glasses. And the sales volume of the glasses is awesome in Walmart, where you can find various types of hipster glasses. Sure a lot of people like it, I got a pair. Hope you find this useful, maybe you should take a look at Walmart vision center if you decide to buy.
  • Matthew baker


    Yes, the hipster glasses are the fashion right now. Many guys tend to wear this type. They think the fashion is so cool. Many people tend to go to the online stores to buy this one because the price is cheap and the quality is good. They tend to wear it to match with the style of hipster clothing to show the fashion.
  • Glee


    Every boy is different, I don%u2019t know if I like that kind of style, but if someone is just wearing glasses for fashion it will make me feel good.
    Do what you want to do and like, don%u2019t do it because other people like it, and not do it because you will be judged.. Being and do you for yourself.