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Yaron Cheng


Can seizures affect eyesight?

Can seizures affect eyesight? Why or why not?
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  • chris_nubelle


    Yes, it will affect eyesight in some way. Seizures can occur in all ages and for many different reasons. Although seizures vary in each person who suffers from them, yet epilepsy means a person who continuously have seizures. Especially the localized epilepsy would cause damage to the brain. Different epilepsy will impact differently. Symptoms of ccipital lobe epilepsy are related to eyes, for example, blind spot, amaurosis, vision distortion and so on. So, seeing doctor is a must for seizures patient. Seek professional help from doctors as early as you can, which can effectively avoid impact the brain and eyes.
  • garcia


    Well, as far as I know, seizures are one of the most complicated diseases we ordinary people meet during our lifetimes. In essence, it is a disease related to our nervous system which would exert a series of negative impacts on our health. So, of course our vision would be affected by seizures and we will suffer a more and more blurred vision if we don't receive timely and effective treatment.

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